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The Teacher Training Workshop on ' Discipline for Success- Creating a WIN-WIN Classroom ' was an eye opener ! It taught our teachers about the psychology behind a students disruptive behaviour as well as the practical tools and approaches to use, so that we can better help all our students. Your knowledge, interactive style, humor and hands on approach made this session a very fruitful exercise for our teachers- thank you, Aparna!". A good investment of time indeed! We look forward to many more learning experiences with you.
Geeta Sachdeva, Middle School Principal/CIE Coordinator, Lancers International School,Gurgaon

After the Success at Life - Life Skills Training with Aparna, our Teachers better appreciate the importance of helping our children prepare themselves for life challenges. The quality of the materials and the level of engagement were excellent and were in keeping with the WHO and CBSE definition of Life Skills. The design of the workshop included role plays, videos and interactive exercises which made the learning fun and engaging for our Teachers. We recieved great feedback from our Teachers and look forward to working with Aparna again!
Poonam Chaubey, Principal, Greater Valley School, Delhi

I wanted to improve my confidence level and learn how to cope better with my anger. I was feeling lost but thanks to the Learning to Fly program I feel more in control now!
Ishita, Grade 8, Success at Life Skills Program Student

We found the Workshop very informative, practical and helpful. The role plays and group discussions based on real cases helped reinforce our confidence and ability as educators and facilitators. We are eager to use the skills and techniques taught at the workshop in their classroom settings. We thank you for such a meaningful workshop.
Teacher, Somerville School, Vasundra Enclave, Delhi

I have worked with Aparna as a colleague for 3 years at Carrier Clinic, New Jersey, (USA) where we worked with a client group ranging from adolescents to older adults, on issues related to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship/marital discord and family therapy. Aparna demonstrated expert clinical skills and professional integrity. She effortlessly built a great rapport with her clients and their families and worked from a place of diligence, respect and compassion for them. At the same time she was attentive to details and therapy outcomes and had a practical approach. It was a pleasure working with her and getting to know her at a personal level too. Aparna was well liked, appreciated and respected by her colleagues here and I very highly and happily recommend Aparna to you!
Laura Moni Warren, LCSW, New Jersey (Colleague)

I liked the 'All Izzz Well' session on positive self-talk and used it in my exams!
Elisha, Grade 5, Success at Life Skills Program Student

I worked with Aparna in one of the premier psychiatric hospitals in the US. She was the clinical director and had vast knowledge of an array of diagnosis and appropriate interventions. Her ability to connect with others on a personal level combined with her expertise creates one of the best therapists, I know, respect and aspire to. She should be your first choice as she was for many of my patients.
Randy Radd, LCSW, USA

Aparna is a high-impact Coach whose enthusiasm, energy and ability to design and deliver practical and interactive workshops, shows in the high marks she received in participant evaluations. Aparna conducted the Positive Parenting Workshops for us and she got a resounding thumbs-up from our employees, and we highly recommend her.
B. Gandhi, Senior Manager - Leadership and Development, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Aparna was on our leadership team and led seminars on Human Development, Parenting and Emotional Well-Being. She approached all her assignments with professionalism, knowledge, and commitment. She is an effective presenter who is also self-motivated and caring.
Donald W. Tabler, Doctor of Ministry, UMC, New Jersey, USA

Your workshop on Effective Leadership was very uplifting and informative. You presented in a manner that was interactive and easy to sit through for 3 hours, while still getting your message across to the entire audience! That's a hard combination to achieve, but you did it with ease and grace! Aparna, you would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, dedicated and one-of-a-kind speaker who gets the work done with finesse! Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!
Mukta Sharma, Principal, Maple Bear Early Learning Centre, Noida, Delhi

One and Half hours of facilitation on Personality Development during the 6th National Leadership Training Course really magnetized each and every one participants, I could tell by the Mood-O-Meter ticked by the participants that she had captured attention and took them along with her through out the session. I received positive feedback from our participants and would recommend Ms. Aparna Balasundaram for facilitating sessions. She did an excellent job at tailoring the message to our audience and used examples that were contextual and familiar for them. Aparna was a true professional and an effective facilitator
P. Raghavendra, Program Officer, ActionAid, United Kingdom Development Agency

Being in your 'Leadership Workshop' was like being back in my favourite class in college. You were so interactive and inspiring . Your work truly speaks high of you yourself as a leader. Incorporating of your ideas in the day to day managing of the school is fun. That day listening to others share their experiences about staff related problems, I was feeling lucky that I didn't have so many of these in my school. But suddenly when last week a situation arose that needed a very tactful handling, I used some of the methods suggested by you and was able to successfully able to diffuse the situation. I think no other proof is required that your 'Leadership that Works' ideas really WORK!I wish you the best for all your future assignments and look forward to being in another workshop conducted by you.
Harender Juneja, Owner, MapleBear Canadian School, Dehradun

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