Success at Life™ - Competency Framework

What are Life Skills?

Life events, both positive and negative, are inevitable. As adults, we've experienced them, and so will our children. Though we cannot control these events, we can learn and teach our children how to interpret, cope and recover from adversity more effectively. In studies the world over, these life skills are proven to be a greater determinant and contributor to a happiness, better relationships and a deeper sense of self-worth.

More importantly, we know that the success we imagine for ourselves and our children depends on more than just academic proficiency. We know this because we see it all around us. 'Successful' people are not necessarily star students, and conversely, star students are not necessarily 'successful'. So what is that missing ingredient that is proven the world over to increase the chances for us to have successful, fulfilling lives?

The answer: a personalised inculcation of Life Skills. But unfortunately, today in India, that phrase has taken on a life of its own and has been twisted to mean a number of things. Our Life Skills Competency Framework provides a proven, assured platform for imparting Life Skills education in children, parents as well as teachers.

Why are Life Skills important?

These are everyday action-oriented skills that, depending on our changing circumstances in life, support our ability to see the world in a positive way; deal with challenges and setbacks with optimism; be considerate and empathetic in our relationships, communities and to the environment.

Life Skills Competency Framework

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