Life Skills for Parents

Let's face it. We often wish we had a manual that came with our kids! The Life Skills for Parents portfolio of services is the next best thing. Designed to help Parents raise their level of confidence and the quality level of their engagement with their children, this Parenting series offers you:

Parenting Workshops

Engaging, interactive and practical group sessions to learn and practice new Parenting skills.

Parenting Counseling

Personalised sessions that raise your confidence with Positive Parenting strategies and techniques.

Success at Life™ Programs

After-school programs teaching social, emotional and thinking skills for children 6 to 16.

Parenting Workshops for Corporates

Parenting stresses affecting your performance at work? We understand. Corporate Parenting Workshops, especially for working couples, arms you with practical approaches to reduce parenting stress at home, in order to give your best at work.

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Sample Worksheets

Place your mouse over the images to view sample Life Skills for Parents worksheets, or right-click on the 'Download Samples Package' button, and 'Save As...'.

To obtain a Sample Workbook PDF, please contact us at (+91) 9582800790.